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XelaMap 32 Sep-Oct

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XelaMap color

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5 years XelaMap [photo gallery]

This gallery contains 96 photos.

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5 years XelaMap – party!

XelaMap and Uwuachchulew present Ishto Juevez and Señor Gomez in concert!


Ishto Juevez   |   Sr. Gomez


Ishto Juevez & Sr. Gómez in Concert! friday 27 jun 2014

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Ishto Juevez – XelaMap 5 Years! party

Ishto Juevez foto @RudyGirón

Ishto Juevez foto @RudyGirón

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Benefit Concert, Dr. Sativo

Benefit Concert, Dr. Sativo
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How to enjoy Xela to the max


So, you´ve arrived in Xela, that´s great! You might have come here with a special purpose, but what if you don´t have any outlined plans yet? Here are some suggestions how you can enjoy Xela at its best! We´d be happy to make these plans come true, just shoot an email to or give us a call on (502) 4699-3614.

Spanish study
There are many options to study Spanish in Xela. You can choose either for a language school where they often work with 25-hour packages weekly (5 hours of study per day). Studying at a Spanish school is nice to make a jumpstart in getting to know fellow students, and enjoy the facilities of the school. Now, if you like more flexibility and freedom, you might want to choose for private lessons. These are given for any number of hours per week you prefer, and the schedule of your convenience. Classes are held in public cafés, bookstores or even in the Parque Central!

When you have some spare time to spend in Xela, volunteering is the way to mingle with the local side of Xela and its people. Many projects dedicate their time and effort to the less-fortunate of Xela. There are many options of projects (they are listed on the website of Do Guatemala), but here are two very special ones:

The orphanage
This is the home of between 60 and 100 children who are orphans, abandoned or placed out of their house by court. The children are aged from 0-15 years old. Volunteers are much needed at the orphanage. In the mornings, the younger children are in their classrooms, and the teenagers need attention. In the afternoon, there is room for recreational activities or games with the younger children. There is also a daycare for the babies and toddlers, where volunteers can help out all day.

The zoo
The zoo in Xela is an institution where they receive about 500.000 visitors yearly. The zoo has 200 animals of 41 species. The volunteers can involve in different areas of the zoo, for example working directly with the veterinarian, making daily rounds, administer medication and vitamins, feed the animals and prepare the food, assist with the tours and conferences for groups (mostly school children), help in maintenance and cleaning.

These volunteer positions are arranged by Do Guatemala. Call or email us if you´re interested!

In the weekend, when it´s time to relax or to explore, you can make a day trip to Fuentes Georginas, hike a volcano (such as Santa Maria or Laguna de Chicabal), or you can make a weekend trip to Lake Atitlan, Antigua or the Chichicastenango market!
There are many options available, and it´s all pretty easy to arrange.

So have fun, and enjoy Xela to the max!


Contribution by:
Do Guatemala
(502) 4699-3614 / (502) 7761-3340

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