XelaMap 28 Jan-Feb 2014

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Joke Corner

Daddy, I went out with my boyfriend and he said something that I don’t understand. He said that I have a great chassis and two beautiful shock absorbers, aside from two fabulous bumpers. The dad responds: Tell your boyfriend that if he opens the hood and checks the motor oil I’ll destroy his exhaust pipe.

Papi, salí con mi novio y me dijo algo que no entiendo. Dijo que tengo un lindo chasis y dos bellos amortiguadores, aparte de 2 fabulosos paragolpes.. – El padre le contesta: Decile a tu novio, que si abre el capo y calibra el aceite del motor.. le destrozo el tubo de escape .

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The ideal escape from the city

Now, on this map you can find all the inside details and hot spots of Xela, but what if you´re ready for an escape from the city life to discover the rural side of the Quetzaltenango department? Then this could be something for you!
The town of Colomba is located on about 1 hour south-west from Xela, and because of the altitude of 1,000m (3,000ft), the climate is really different from Xela. The temperatures are considerably higher, the vegetation is subtropical and the humidity is high.  Here is where you can find many coffee farms (fincas), which you can visit for a day tour, or you can even stay longer for volunteering!

One of these fincas is located on only 5 kms from Colomba, formed by 32 former guerilla families. The finca produces organic coffee as a cooperative, but each family cultivates its own piece of land. The community is almost self-sustainable with their own school, church, library, tiendas and of course the coffee production equipment.

You can visit the finca for a day tour, hiking through the finca while visiting several breathtaking viewpoints, and learning everything about the coffee production and the moving history of the finca. But if you´re up for a real escape, why don´t you stay for a week, or even a few weeks? The finca has a comfortable volunteer house where you have a nice bedroom, and the house has good bathrooms, electricity and a very comfy living room with couches and atv. The meals are enjoyed with one of the finca´s families. Volunteers work in the mornings with that family on their piece of land, and in the afternoons you can attend the library, where the community´s children come for their homework or free time.

A day tour including private transportation from and to Xela, a guided tour and conference costs about $150 for 2 people.

As a volunteer, you pay $13.75 for lodging and meals per day.


Is this something for you? We´d be happy to make arrangements for you! You can call us at (502) 4699-3614 or email us at info@do-guatemala.com, and we´ll arrange a visit.

Contribution by www.do-guatemala.com

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XelaMap Sep-Oct 2013 Edition No. 26

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